Explore the hyperreal in Gone Beyond - an interactive art installation

These are stills from an interactive world that I exhibited at the University of California,  Santa Barbara.  I built the interactive spaces with MAX/MSP/Jitter, Maya and Photoshop.

Big thanks to Marcos Novak and Lisa Jevbratt for showing me a new world of creative possibilities and Joe Reihsen for painting some of the amazing textures for the project.

One of my favorite moments as an artist was watching a room full of strangers go from composed spectators to playful participants.  

Let's Play

This is my favorite interactive project that I designed and built.

2d animation

drawn using graphite on paper and shot on film


drawn in Photoshop and animated in Flash

Resuscitation of a 1910 Scandinavian Style Farmhouse in Bainbridge Island, WA.

When I first walked into this house I just knew I had to take it on. It was beautiful, in a timeless way, but had not seen love in a good 50 years. My imagination went wild and I got to work.
I rolled up my sleeves and utilized my array of nail guns, and completely designed and rebuilt the house. I beat back a great deal of English Ivy, Bamboo and Laurel to expose a beautiful - yet still wild- acre of property.

Big boat racing in San Diego, CA
Small boat racing in Santa Barbara, CA
Delivery crew in the Caribbean

Backpacking in San Diego, CA and Olympic Peninsula, WA   

Diving in Wilmington, NC and Key Largo, FL


Kirsten Pisto - Painter
Micah Hales - Novelist
Alana Carso - Mixed Media
Jenova Chen - Game Designer
Tore Knos - Film Maker